The Best Games to Stream on Christmas (December 2020)

Welcome back to the Best Games to Stream Right Now, streamers! For those that celebrate, Christmas is a great time to spend with your loved ones. Those loved ones could be your community that you have developed on your streams. December 25th is a great time to stream if you can because a lot of people will be off and not creating content. This provides a nice and easy way to get in front of the viewers that might not have been able to stumble into your content! To do that, you need some good games to stream, which is where we got you covered. Take a look below at some games to stream on Christmas to bring people in!

Call of Duty: Warzone

You can never go wrong with Call of Duty, especially now that Season 1 has dropped! With Season 1, you will also find that Warzone has now connected Modern Warfare and Cold War together with a new map, Rebirth Island. As one of the most popular battle royales currently, this is a great spot to grab some new viewers. They are already looking for more Warzone content with their favorite streamers on break.

You can pair playing this gamemode with viewer games and bring even more interaction to the table. Give this a whirl if you are a Call of Duty creator and wanting to show off your battle royale skills to a new audience.


We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t include Fortnite on the list! They are celebrating their Season 5 launch and with that is another battle pass of content. If you are a stream that likes to give back, you could grab up a lot of the Fortnite audience with this holiday break AND potentially give back with a free battle pass to a viewer. Its a cheap and effective way to engage your chat.

While not as popular as Warzone has been in the recent months, Fortnite has a dedicated community of players and people looking to consume Fortnite content. For this reason, it’s a great time to play the game, especially if you can bring something unique to the table. A lot of people are looking to watch content around Fortnite with the Master Chief and Mandalorian character inclusions. Use that to your advantage.

Among Us

One of the most engaging games out there is Among Us. It’s timeless. You can watch hundreds of hours of gameplay from a creator and jump to the next and enjoy the games just as much. People have found out how to integrate proximity chat into the game, which adds a whole new factor in how it’s played (it also makes it way more funny).

Use Among Us if you want a fun, multiplayer experience where you can bring people in to play. You’ll definitely want a group to play this with or a full lobby of viewers/subs. Without that, it can be a little repetitive with the same group of people. But if you can snag a full group, the possibilities are endless. Like Fortnite and Warzone, you’ll have a lot less competition on December 25th to hopefully snag some of those extra people that might now have found your stream.

Christmas is a great opportunity to stream if you can. You are taking advantage of the larger streamers taking breaks and catering your content to their audience. Games like Warzone and Fortnite offer opportunities to be exposed to a huge audience, especially if that’s your main game. You can show off your skills and hopefully bring in new viewers. On the other hand, games like Among Us are super fun and a great way to engage chat. Use this to your advantage to get your chat active and engage that new audience. If you have other games you’d suggest people try on Christmas, let us know in the comments down below! We might just feature them in our next segment!

As always, keep on creating and GLHF!


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