The Best Games to Stream Right Now

Besides setting up your stream correctly, finding the games that you will play is key to your success on any streaming platform. You want to find games that have a community, but aren’t so saturated that you’ll live on the bottom of the barrel for your entire career! Below are a couple games that we have found to be great for streaming AND can help your growth!

Jackbox Games

Jackbox is the creator of a ton of fun party games that you can play with large groups of people. The best part is that individuals don’t need to have the game. Only the host needs the game and all other players will join rooms with a custom code. Don’t worry if all of the spots fill either. If there are more people than spots available, everyone else becomes an audience member and can tilt the game for individuals, even if they are winning. It is great for memes, chat and stream interaction, and gets your community involved by playing together.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an action/horror game where your goal is to stay alive while a deranged killer hunts you down. You and a group of 3 other individuals race to complete challenges and escape. This game is great because it bolsters a large and very loyal community (at the time of writing, this game was #16 on Twitch’s top games with 14,156 viewers). The suspense keeps the chat engaged, waiting to see what happens to you. On top of that, you can make it more interactive by including viewers in the games. Group up and try to win. If you don’t, grab 3 new viewers. It brings about a connection to the audience and, well let’s face it. Your reactions are what we really want to see.

Call of Duty: Blackout

Call of Duty is on the cusp of releasing their next installment, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Within Black Ops 4 is the battle royale gamemode, Blackout. It is similar to Fortnite and PUBG, where the goal is to be the last alive and take out individuals on a sprawling map. You can traverse this by walking and with land, air, and water vehicles. The reason we mention Blackout is because while the Call of Duty community is large, there has never been a streamer that has focused on Blackout. If you are good at Call of Duty and battle royale, you can potentially stand out with a whole new title with a fervent community backing it. Plus, all eyes are on that gamemode to see how it stacks up with Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1, and more.

Honorable Mentions

Fortnite / PlayerUnknown’s Battleground / Realm Royale

We want to keep any major battle royale that has been released already in the honorable mentions because of two things. One, the games have a HUGE community and therefore breaking into them will be very, very difficult. Secondly, unless you are doing something very different than the next streamer or already established your community, you will be stuck at the bottom of the pages with these games. If you have some way to get to the top though, this is a great way to expose yourself to a wide audience and gain very quick growth. Again, your focus should be on not as saturated games though, so keep this in mind.

World of Warcraft

Whether you are Alliance or Horde, WoW can be a great game to play with like-minded individuals. The issue comes in that watching WoW, especially PvE (player versus environment) content can be VERY boring. Your audience will be individuals who come to watch progression or troll you on your rotation. Individuals wanting to break into this should find a unique way to create content around both PvE and PvP (player versus player) content. You will also have to differentiate yourself from the competition as some of Twitch’s biggest streamers are WoW players, so they eat up a large portion of the audience potential.


Overwatch can be a wonderful game to play, especially for individuals really good at the game. A player who knows how to effectively play a hero can be very entertaining. That said, Overwatch has one flaw that many other games don’t. The Overwatch League. During the nights of Wednesday until Saturday, the OWL is live and takes up the top spot on the Overwatch category. Most individuals do not come close. If you like to stream Overwatch, consider supplementing your content on Wednesday through Saturday with something that isn’t as saturated.

Let us know what you are playing and is working well for you on your streams in the comments down below! We would love to update our article with what works with you!


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  1. Good luck!

  2. great post, I am going to start streaming very soon. And I will be choosing PUBG and Fortnite games kindly reply me

    1. Thank you so much for reading!

      Those are two great games to start with. If you are into the Battle Royale genre, you can also mix in Warzone, especially with the potential new map dropping soon.

  3. great post, I am going to start streaming very soon. And I will be choosing PUBG and Fortnite games

  4. Bro, please add other games like Fall Guys, Valorant, Among Us, etc. It is gaining a good response and you should write a post regarding which games to not play and include Getting Over It in the not playing list.

    1. Great comments! We actually have a series of “Best Games to Stream” and we have done Fall Guys already! Look out for today’s post. There might be one of the others in that list this time 🙂

  5. Update the post. Many new games have come now

  6. Great post. Add horizon zero down and kingdoms of alamor re-reckoning to the list.

    1. Great suggestions! We have’t played Kingdoms of Alamor yet. What is the best parts of it that make it stream worthy?

  7. Very nice, I am going to start streaming very soon. And I will be choosing PUBG and Fortnite games

    1. That’s great to hear! Will you be playing PUBG Mobile as well? All of those are great games to get started with! Good luck!

  8. Great post. Add valorant to the list as well.

    1. Good idea!

  9. Thanks for sharing the article with us. Nice Post.

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