Heat Up Your Chat Experience with Triggerfyre

Standing out as a creator in 2022 is critical for your growth. Unfortunately, most individuals can’t just hop on a game and play for hours at a time to build an audience nowadays (unless you are really good). Your stream needs personality, uniqueness, and engagement to keep people coming back.

But how do you achieve all of that in such a saturated space like Twitch? Look no further than Triggerfyre!

What is Triggerfyre?

Triggerfyre is a free, third-party widget that allows you to create media triggers that your chat can activate on stream. You can also set up Triggerfyre to control OBS, opening unlimited possibilities of how your chat can control the look, feel, and direction of any given stream.

While OBS is the only program that can be controlled by Triggerfyre currently, you can use whatever streaming software you want for triggers that use the Browser Source URL.

Settings window in Triggerfyre for the image trigger.
Triggerfyre adds full customization to all triggers to fit your stream.

Though Triggerfyre can be ran as a simple command in chat, if you stream on Twitch, you can also connect the Triggerfyre triggers to Twitch Channel Points. We talked earlier on why the Twitch Channel Points system is important and should be used by every creator.

Why is Triggerfyre Important?

What Triggerfyre easily allows you to do is introduce chat engagement into your stream. Chat engagement is any action an individual takes in stream like chatting with community members, accruing and using Twitch Channel Points, or even following or subscribing.

Chat engagement is key to growth because it gets viewers involved. No longer is the viewer just watching the stream, they are now actively interacting with and shaping the direction of the stream.

Chat engagement is why Twitch Does Pokémon was so successful. Viewers provided directional inputs in chat that translated it to moves in the game. The community beat Pokémon Red Version simply by chatting and working together!

By having good chat engagement, you’ll see return individuals, which in turn create loyal viewers. You are giving them a unique reason to come back each day. Those individuals may talk about you with their friends, which bring in new viewers. Do you see how it goes full circle?

Examples of Cool Triggerfyre Actions

There are many types of generic actions you can set up with Triggerfyre, like having a gif or sound effect play. That’s fine and all, but we want to be unique and engaging! We want to keep people around and a sound bite of Michael Scott saying “That’s what she said” isn’t going to cut it.

Take a look at your content and see where you can create actions that directly impact the stream.

For example, if you are a Warzone streamer, maybe you make a channel point incentive be to dance a whole Warzone match. With Triggerfyre (and a bit of tweaking with OBS plugins), you can set it up so that when someone redeems the points, Triggerfyre will automatically switch to an OBS scene that is created for the dance party. The dance party OBS scene could include the following:

  • Media Source of an alarm sound effect that alerts the streamer that the incentive was redeemed.
  • Media Source of a looping strobing light
  • Media Source of a dubstep song (that’s DMCA free music!) that automatically starts to play.

All of this would be controlled by chat!

If what we mentioned above is a little out of your wheelhouse, we put together some other actions that would be great starting points in building up engagement in your community below! Take a look and see if they fit into your content at all.

  • Triggerfyre plays a sound effect which signals that you have to put on a crazy piece of clothing and wear it for the full stream.
  • Triggerfyre turns on an OBS filter that zooms in on your head
  • Triggerfyre toggles a video to play behind you if you use a green screen backdrop in your content.
  • Triggerfyre turns on an OBS source for a pet cam that stays on screen for 2 minutes.

How to Set Up Triggerfyre

Getting started with Triggerfyre is very easy and only takes about a minute to set up. Ensure that before you start, your preferred streaming software is open.

  1. Visit Triggerfyre‘s website.
  2. At the top right, log in with your Twitch account.
  3. Once logged in, you’ll be on the dashboard.
  4. At the bottom right, click on the pink link icon.
  5. There will be a URL shown here. Copy that URL.
  6. Go to your streaming software and create a Browser Source.
  7. Paste the link as the URL.
  8. Triggerfyre is now active in your streaming software!

How To Let Triggerfyre Control OBS

  1. Once you’ve done the initial setup above, navigate to the Triggerfyre dashboard.
  2. On the top bar, click the OBS tab.
  3. Ensure that OBS is still opened on your desktop and click “Connect to OBS”
  4. You should hear a success sound effect and the box should say Connected. Triggerfyre is now connected to OBS!
    • Do note that the Triggerfyre website and OBS must be open together to operate correctly. If you close either of them, Triggerfyre won’t be able to control OBS.

How to Attach a Twitch Channel Point Reward to a Trigger

  1. Navigate to the Triggerfyre dashboard.
  2. On the top bar, select the trigger you’d like to set up.
  3. Once on the trigger, click Create
  4. The trigger set up window will pop up.
  5. Under the Settings tab, navigate to the first field, denoted by “! Command name”
  6. Name the command what you’d like.
  7. Next to the “! Command name” field, click the box with a circle in it.
  8. The Rewards settings window will pop up.
    • This is where you’ll add the name of the Twitch Channel Point Reward.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The Reward name must match the exact wording and capitalization of the Twitch Channel Point reward name to work correctly. So if the reward name was “Dance party in Warzone” on Twitch, you would put “Dance party in Warzone” as the Reward name.
    • Here you can also set it to only be redeemed by Twitch Channel Points or you can allow the command you created earlier to trigger this as well.

Finding ways to create unique and engaging content is going to be a key to growth for creators moving forward. Integrating services like Triggerfyre can bring about massive engagement that can help you create a community of returning viewers. Think about the content you produce and how you can utilize Triggerfyre to engage them further!

What do you do to stand out on Twitch and engage your community? Let us know in the comments down below!

And as always, keep on creating and GLHF!


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