The Best Games to Stream Right Now (January 2021)

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Best Games to Stream Right Now for January 2021! We are all coming off a holiday and year that was unlike any other. With that, you might have more ambitions to kickstart your streaming career, but don’t know where to begin. Per usual, we got your back! We found some great games to kick off your year of streaming! From adventure to open world, we did our best to find variety for any creator. Check out our suggestions below!

Dead by Daylight: A Binding of Kin (DLC)

We know, we know! It’s not October, but Dead by Daylight continues to be an insanely popular title, this time with new DLC. The Binding of Kin DLC released at the beginning of December, bringing with it the new killer, The Twins, and a new survivor, Élodie Rakoto. This will be Chapter 18 in the Dead by Daylight story.

Dead by Daylight is a timeless game that holds up against many other games. The reason for this is the consistently different gameplay you encounter each time you play. The killers are different, the strategy is different, and the maps are structured in a way that accommodates many types of gameplay styles. For your streams, this is a great way to utilize channel points or redemption plugins. You can reward and engage chat by having them select the killer you will be. Or you can have them handicap you for a match and force you to do something funny like only walking to 3 generators or having to do a circle around the map each time you turn on a generator before you do the next one. The possibilities are endless and can be a lot of fun for you and the community!


Valorant is a bit saturated as of late, but hear us out before you stop reading.

If you are a decent player, now is the perfect time to hop onto Valorant and show your skills. The game got a huge bump after the First Strike Tournament. Along with that, the new season of Valorant dropped January 12 and came with Yoru as their new agent. This is a great time to start grinding as more and more people will be looking for content around these new features. Most large streamers, unless they are Valorant specific players, will give it a go and drop it for the next game. This is the opportunity to strike! You can use this to show off tips/tricks, play with viewers, and show how the new agent works.

As Valorant is a popular game, keep in mind that its more of a long term push with content on this game. You’ll need to carve out an audience from the hundreds of other players.

Cyberpunk 2077

In most regard, Cyberpunk was a bit of a letdown at launch. The excessive amount of bugs and issues caused what was a hugely anticipated launch to be lackluster. Most of the community that were die-hard fans of the genre stuck around, but it didn’t take long for larger creators to drop it for something else. This is where you can benefit!

If your content is around story based games, Cyberpunk is still a great game with a lot of loyal people behind it. Best of all, CD Projekt Red has already addressed the bugs and glitches with regular patches coming in January and February to fix the major ones affecting the game. If these fixes pan out, you could be growing your community around the game and pull people in as the fixes come through, leading to even more individuals watching your content. A lot of people are comparing Cyberpunk to No Man’s Sky, where No Man’s Sky started off terribly and eventually found its stride and the community came back. This could be the same with Cyberpunk and you could find yourself well ahead if you start now.

This year is the year to stream what makes you happy. But hopefully the above options give you a quick idea into what people are vibing with. If a couple of the titles fit your content, fantastic! Give them a go and see how it works. You can also use this to generate ideas of other titles that might interest you more. The possibilities are endless! If you have other games you’d suggest people try in the new year, let us know in the comments down below! We might just feature them in our next segment!

As always, keep on creating and GLHF!


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