Wildcard Gaming Partners with Webaround Gaming

Webaround Gaming, the creator of high- quality, easy-to-use green screens, has partnered with Wildcard Gaming’s World of Warcraft Team as their official green screen provider.

“Wildcard Gaming from a management standpoint is excited to see how the partnership between Webaround and the WoW team prospers. This will be our first time partnering with a high-quality Grean Screen company like Webaround and we are thrilled to show our fans a collaboration they don’t typically see.” said William Lucas, General Manager of Wildcard Gaming’s World of Warcraft Team.

“The WoW team is very excited to work with Webaround Gaming because the partnership will facilitate growth in building our brand, streaming, and ultimately leading us to achieve greater feats in World of Warcraft. Through this partnership we hope that Webaround can see increased exposure through the gaming community and Wildcard can build a partnership.” added Sean Silva, Raid Lead for Wildcard.

“Webaround Gaming has always prided itself on providing amazing products for content creation. However content creation spans beyond just the individual and we really set our focus on finding some organizations to work with that see the value that a green screen can bring to both video and live content. Wildcard Gaming was a no brainer for us. Their exemplary status as a top tier gaming organization, combined with a wonderful group of staff members gave us exactly what we were looking for in a team.” said Dan Leshock, Director of Marketing and Partnerships of Webaround Gaming. “We are looking forward to an amazing future with this organization and can’t wait to see what’s coming in the new year.”


Webaround Gaming, creators of the easy-to-use, collapsible green screen unit, provides an amazing tool for content creators and livestreamers alike. Their product is used by hundreds of creators who rely on a perfect chroma background to give their content and streams the perfect, professional touch. The Webaround unit is built in many different sizes to accommodate all different types of setups and needs of the user.

For additional information about Webaround Gaming, please visit thewebaround.com/gaming or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.


Wildcard Gaming is a top tier, leading esport brand with professional rosters in a variety of esport titles including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Brawlhala, and Realm Royale.

For additional information about Wildcard Gaming, please visit wildcard.gg or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.


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  1. Such a great collaboration for Webaround Gaming. Wildcard Gaming has already proved its leadership on the gaming stage. Webaround Gaming has to take a chance and give all its powers to meet the expectations of the audience.

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