Onslaught Partners with Webaround Gaming

With the start of the new year, Webaround Gaming has been working tirelessly to bolster its presence even further within the esport industry. 2018 was a fantastic year with the signing of their first official esport team, and Webaround Gaming wants to continue the hype, by announcing the partnership with Onslaught into 2019!

“Onslaught was a clear choice for us right from the start” said Dan Leshock, Director of Marketing and Partnerships for Webaround Gaming. “Our goal has been to work with top tier organizations in the space and Onslaught has a proven track record of being just that! Plus, it helps that we are local in Michigan together, so we can bolster the local scene together as well! Its a great fit!”

When asked what Webaround Gaming brought to the table for Onslaught and their content, Patrick O’Brien, CEO of Onslaught commented “Webaround checks off all the boxes – its portability and ease of setup allow you a professional background without needing to take up an entire wall or repaint your room, and its perfect if you need to move between setups or travel. It’s both affordable and well-made, which is a rarity. For us at Onslaught, partnering with Webaround was an easy decision – its a product and company we can be proud to represent.”

Jen Dalton, COO of Onslaught added “We’re definitely excited to partner with Webaround. The ability to almost instantly have a professional chroma or web conferencing background, regardless of where you are or what is going on around you is such a huge plus. Hide the mess of your room or that weird wallpaper your mom loves behind you, then store it quickly and easily when its not in use – its a great solution and one Onslaught is happy to use and represent”


Webaround Gaming, creators of the easy-to-use, collapsible green screen unit, provides an amazing tool for content creators and livestreamers alike. Their product is used by hundreds of creators who rely on a perfect chroma background to give their content and streams the perfect, professional touch. The Webaround unit is built in many different sizes to accommodate all different types of setups and needs of the user.

For additional information about Webaround Gaming, please visit thewebaround.com/gaming or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.


Onslaught is a premiere NA esport organization with over a decade of proven championships and accolades that set itself apart from the rest. Onslaught has teams in Paladins, Rocket League, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

For additional information about Onslaught, please visit Onslaught.gg or follow them on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch.


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