Four HUGE Artists That Provide DMCA Free Music

DMCA music is one of the largest issues facing streamers and creators to date. Before, Twitch streamer’s VODs were the only pieces of content being hit with DMCA strikes. However, technology has advanced to where you can now be issued a DMCA strike while you are streaming. Therefore, it is critical that you make sure that you have full rights to any music you use on stream.

Luckily, a lot of big music artists are making it easy to have great music on your streams without DMCA strikes! Today, we are going over 4 artists that are actively working toward providing a DMCA free music experience for all streamers! Take a look!


T-Pain is one of the largest artists to support content creators with DMCA free music across the board. As a fellow Twitch streamer himself, T-Pain knows that music is needed. That’s why he created Pizzle Pack, a DMCA free pack of beats that you can use on your streams.

Coming from a music industry vet like T-Pain is huge and you know that you are getting quality sounds that will help you stand apart.


As a creator himself, KSI has been a major proponent of copyright free music. KSI has evolved beyond just a YouTuber to become an accomplished musical artist as well. Recently, he has secured the rights for all Twitch Streamers to stream Dissimulation and New Age with no issues.

What’s great about this is that both albums, but specifically Dissimulation, has huge names tied to it including: Offset, Lil Pump, Jeremih, Trippie Redd, Rick Ross and more!

This is a huge W for any streamer that enjoys those artists and wants to include some of the music they worked on in their streams.


Whether they come off as a meme of Guitar Hero or taken seriously as a metal band, DragonForce has taken an active stance against DMCA. Herman Li, the lead guitarist of DragonForce openly stated that the last 3 DragonForce albums will have no DMCA attached to them. So you can easily and safely stream some amazing metal and not get a strike.

This unfortunately doesn’t count Through the Fire and the Flames though, so be careful what you play!

Mike Shinoda

Whether you were a fan of Linkin Park or even Fort Minor, Mike Shinoda is a true advocate of DMCA free tracks. Last year, Shinoda took to Twitter to confirm that you can use his music without fear of DMCA.

While you can’t use Fort Minor or Linkin Park tracks without DMCA, Shinoda’s solo tracks are all white labeled by Twitch. This is great for fans of Shinoda and will allow you to put some great music on your streams!

Making sure that you use DMCA free music in your streams is critical as a creator. You don’t want to use anything that can bring about strikes to your account, whether you are a new creator or not.

Artists like T-Pain, Mike Shinoda, KSI, and DragonForce are creating ways to have well known music in your streams without the fear of strikes. We are always looking to feature new artists that are working to help out creators. Let us know other artists that are fighting against DMCA. We might add them to our list!

Thanks for reading, keep on creating, and GLHF!


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