The Best Games to Stream Right Now (January 2022)

Hello creators! Welcome to 2022 back to the Best Games to Stream Right Now for January 2022! As we begin the new year, there are a ton of new video games coming this year that you’ll want to prepare for. As well, it’s not bad to play some games with smaller exposure so you can gather a couple more eyes than the big blockbusters. We tackle both instances for January’s games to play. Let’s dive in.

Dread Hunger

If you are a fan of survival, multiplayer games, Dread Hunger might be right up your alley.

In Dread Hunger, your goal is to navigate the artic and stay alive. However, the ship you are on requires coal and your shipmates need supplies to keep going. Therefore, you have to leave the security of your vessel and traverse the harsh artic mainland for food and supplies. You’ll need to be careful of not only the wildlife that see you as fresh meat, but you’ll also want to keep a close watch on those who are closest to you.

Dread Hunger is a mixture of Among Us, Subnautica, and Sea of Thieves, which is a great combination. The options and multiplayer capabilities make it a great title to play with friends. It hasn’t gotten a lot of exposure yet either, so it could be a great game to get some more eyes on your content and build out your community a bit.


As we near February, the launch of Elden Ring draws in quickly. While we have to wait a bit longer, revisiting a game that has similar mechanics could be a great way to prepare your audience for what lies ahead (probably a lot of death tbh).

One game that won’t be too competitive, but also get you prepared for Elden Ring is Bloodborne. While older in terms of release date, Bloodborne (and DARK SOULS) is a great title to play. Visually, it looks great for being almost 7 years old. But its combat system and game style will be similar to Elden Ring. You can use Bloodborne to bring in viewers that are interested in this style of game and transition them seamlessly into Elden Ring when it launches.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG that was initially launched in 2013, but has seen a huge surge as of late on Twitch. It has been constantly updated and offers multiplayer and single player experiences. While it has significantly more exposure than Dread Hunger or Bloodborne, it could still be a great title to play if it fits your channel’s niche.

If you are an RPG channel, this would be a natural fit to add into your arsenal of other games. However, if you are more variety, it could be a great game to engage your community with (maybe offer a spot on the team as a Twitch channel point incentive), or use the 4 player option to collaborate with other creators. Either way, give Project Zomboid a shot if not simply for the dedicated dev team and great community that backs it.

This year is going to bring about many awesome opportunities for creators. Major titles like Elden Ring that launch in 2022 give creators a chance to revisit older titles in preparation. While titles like Dread Hunger give newer creators a great game to build on that isn’t super saturated. Meanwhile, older releases like Project Zomboid show that even older titles can thrive in the new year with new updates and a reinvigorated fan base.

But what do you think? What games are you planning on sinking all your time into as we move into the new year? Let us know in the comments down below and we might add it on our next list!

Thanks for reading, keep on creating, and GLHF!


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