Top 6 Reasons You Need a Portable Green Screen

With video conversations on the rise, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking about those awkward, yet hilarious, videos of conference calls gone wrong. I’m talking about the dreaded webcam background photobomb moment that we all hope never happens.  The little worry that creeps in during the Tuesday all-staff video call that makes us think, “should I get a green screen”? The answer is “yes”. We have portable green screens that are just the right fit for any situation.

In case you needed anymore proof,  here are the top 6 viral videos that make you say “that person needs a Webaround.” 

#6 – The Dad in the T-Shirt 

Her dad enters the room with no clue that he’s being taped. She’s unaware of the show her audience is receiving. This laugh out loud family moment could have been avoided with a green screen.

#5 – The Disappearing Act

We never thought we’d need to say this but your home’s wall cladding is not an appropriate replacement for a portable green screen.

#4 The Questionable Taste

We think this one speaks for itself… It’s better to have a tailored webcam background than well… whatever this is.

#3 The Omnipresent

In case you need another reason to learn about chroma keys, here’s an example of why just having a virtual background isn’t enough.

#2 – The Not So Reliable Sheet

A close look into why a green sheet isn’t the same as a trustworthy green screen. We all know you can’t have a good video backdrop without a reliable green screen.

The Honorable Mention

Before we reveal the top Should Have Used a Webaround viral moment, here’s an example demonstrating that all you need is a green screen, a video camera, and some creativity to really stand out on your next call.

#1 The Original

Before conference calls became the norm, Robert Kelley brought the “should have used a portable green screen” moment to the limelight.

There you have it! The top 6 moments that make you think “that person needs a Webaround”. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you!

Want to avoid becoming tomorrow’s meme? Check out our lineup of portable backdrops!


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