Introducing: Webaround Gaming

Back in June, the Webaround team visited sunny Los Angeles for the yearly gaming convention, E3. While there, a thought formed about Webaround’s current markets and how to cater more directly with them. One of the company’s major markets was gaming and it lacked a voice that could interact and have fun with the community. With that in mind, the team set out to create an amazing brand that could become part of this amazing community. Please welcome Webaround’s newest division, Webaround Gaming.

Webaround Gaming will be the hub for all gaming related topics and posts from Webaround. We wanted a place where our gaming community can thrive and actually feel like they belong. Any individual who becomes a partner and creates video game content will fall under the umbrella of a Webaround Gaming Partner.

We also wanted to bring value to content creators and streamers who use our product on a daily basis, so we created the Creator HQ. Here, we will have informative posts on how-to’s with integrating the product with your favorite programs, tips and tricks for your stream and what you can do to increase traffic to your content, and partner spotlights to highlight our amazing partners who use and love our product everyday. We are also supporting our partners on Twitch and Mixer, providing rotating hosts and raids to help grow their brands.

This is a huge step for us and we can’t wait to see where it takes us! For more information on Webaround Gaming, visit our newly developed website here!



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  1. I have read your blog its really good and awesome

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