How To Fold A Webaround

How To Open A Webaround Safely

How To Place the Stabilizer Box on the Webaround

How do I use my Webaround?

Open the Webaround by pulling the coils apart. Place on the back of a chair with the black strap fitting over the front of the chair. Adjust the black strap as need to fit the chair back. Pull the short or long colored front strap and attach to the black strap using the Velcro strip. If the Webaround is tilting back, adjust the strap on the back/ bottom of the Webaround, this will pull the Webaround forward. If further adjustments are needed, use the included spacer box. Place the spacer box between the back of the chair and the Webaround.

What should I expect when I recieve my Webaround?

Your Webaround will be folded and inside of its Webaround carrying case wrapped in plastic. Be careful opening it for the first time; the high quality spring steel may open the Webaround with a bit more force than you are anticipating. It’s completely normal and a sign of quality.

What is your return policy?

You can view our updated return policy here.

Can I special order colors?

Yes. Most any color is available in quantities of 750 or more.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes. Please call 248-770-9650 for quantity and pricing details.

My square Webaround doesn't sit up straight. What can I do?

The Webaround is made of spring steel which naturally forms a circle. Because of this, the square Webaround will have one corner tilted back. This is not noticeable to the viewer of the presentation.

My Webaround leans back too far and makes the background visible. How can I fix this?

As the Webaround is made to make fit most chairs, there are some necessary adjustments depending on the chair. Make adjustments with the front and back strap to straighten it. If adjustments are still needed we recommend using the included spacer box. Place the spacer box between the back of the chair and the Webaround.

Why doesn't the Webaround cover the top corners of the camera frame?

To optimize the Webaround to your camera frame and to create the best presentation, place the webcam at eye level. This should eliminate the corner issues.

How do I clean my Webaround?

Use a damp cloth to wipe the Webaround until clean.

Suggestions for the best web presence

Optimal distance from the camera to the presenter is 36 inches.

If using a standalone webcam, adjust the camera to eye level

If using a laptop, adjust the laptop itself so that the camera is at eye level.

How do I remove wrinkles from the Webaround?

Using an Iron:


  • Open the Webaround.
  • Heat iron to medium heat/ Nylon setting.
  • Test the iron on the bottom edge of the Webaround to ensure the temperature is safe for the fabric.
  • Iron the colored portion of the Webaround on a flat surface, avoiding any logos and the black chair strap

    Using a steamer:
  • Open the Webaround.
  • Heat steamer.
  • Steam out wrinkles without touching the fabric.
My camera shows the edges of the Webaround. How do I fix this?

To ensure a perfect cover with the Webaround, your camera may need to be adjusted to accommodate the unit.



Click the Windows button at the bottom right of your screen
Type “Camera” and an app list will open
Select “Camera”
The camera window will open
Navigate to the top right of the window and click the gear icon
Here you can adjust the aspect ration, recording resolution, and other features.
To adjust the zoom, simply hover over the preview of the camera and use the mouse wheel button up to zoom in and down to zoom out



Adjusting the Mac camera is difficult. By default there are no settings for adjusting the camera. However, you can use a program called iGlasses. This program allows you to have full control of your Mac camera to adjust correctly.

*Please note, the Webaround is affiliated with iGlasses and the above link will provide a referral to their site.