Born from Detroit Ingenuity

The Webaround is a product and a company dreamed up late at night inside a Detroit area Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

I am a Registered Nurse, wife, mother, inventor, entrepreneur and small business owner. During the midnight shift in the ICU, one of the doctors utilizes a robot
to interact with patients remotely from his home. His face appears via webcam on a screen and he uses a joystick to move around the unit.

One night the doctor was broadcasting to a patient from his messy kitchen.

His message was important but his background was distracting to the patient and myself; ultimately making this exemplary doctor appear less authoritative. That night the Webaround concept was born.

I became committed to creating a webcam background solution for anyone to use, anywhere, at any time. Years later, I continue to perfect the design and have progressed from offering only a 42” round Webaround to offering 52” round, 52” square and our new 56” portable green screen.

Along the way my family and friends have helped improve the concept, market the brand, handle logistics and make the Webaround what it is today. I have developed an international customer base and can proudly say that the Webaround has been used on every continent except Antarctica!

I look forward to working with you whether you are a university student video chatting with your family or a multi-national company investing in webcam enabled face to face customer service—I have a solution for you.

I’ve got your back(ground).