Born from Detroit Ingenuity

One late night in a Detroit area ICU, Linda Bovay was working her regular midnight rotation. One of the doctors on call was utilizing a robot to interact with patients remotely from his home. That doctor, who needed to display calmness and authority to his patients, was broadcasting from his messy kitchen.

The message he was delivering was important, but the background was distracting to the patient, taking away their concentration on what really mattered. This was when the Webaround concept was born.

After many iterations and materials used (even stretchable swimwear was tried!), the perfect design was achieved utilizing a high quality nylon and a high-strength spring steel. From there, the Webaround grew (literally) from just 42”, all the way up to 63”, with chroma key green being added as a third color alongside blue and grey.

Along the way, family and friends have helped improve the concept, market the brand, handle logistics, and make the Webaround what it is today! We have developed an international customer base and can proudly say that the Webaround has been used on every continent, except Antarctica!