Spice Up Your Video with Mmhmm Virtual Camera

We live in a digital world. For many, work now takes place online rather than in an office. That’s why it’s great to see new technology arise that helps workers with video conferencing. Mmhmm is just that. It’s a powerful virtual camera app that connects with all of your favorite video call services. According to them, “Mmhmm helps you be better on video, whether you’re presenting during a video meeting or recording content you want to share asynchronously.” 

Getting started with mmhmm. Video courtesy of mmhmm Youtube page.

What can mmhmm do?

Get a Room

Mmhmm has a wide array of virtual backgrounds which they refer to as “rooms”. By choosing a room, you can change your virtual location and personalize your video. As shown in the image below, the room function also does a great job of hiding distractions that may appear in the background of your call.

The room function of mmhmm. Image courtesy of mmhmm.

Say It with Slides

One of the coolest features of mmhmm, in my opinion, is the ability to add slides to your video stream. Not only can you add slides, but you can also share your screen and videos as well.

The mmhmm slide function. Image courtesy of mmhmm.

Effects that Wow

If you’ve read our Snap Camera articles, you know we love filters and effects. Mmhmm has a variety of color overlays and filters that you can add to your video to really take your stage presence to the next level.

Record, Save, and Share

Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to record a call. Mmhmm takes it one step further. Mmhmm allows you to prerecord mp4’s to share however you please. But, there is more, you can also share interactive presentations! Interactive presentations allow you to separate your video recording into different sections. Using the slides I mentioned above, you can create beautiful cover slides to highlight your main points. This video from mmhmm, explaining their creative name, is a great illustration of what you can do with interactive presentations.

Present with a Friend

It’s great to have a little backup every once in a while. With mmhmm, you can have two presenters at once! This means two people can edit and control the presentation at the same time. You can present together or give someone the reigns to control slides while you present.

How to Download Mmhmm

To download mmhmm, follow this link. Here you’ll find the latest version of the software. As of September 2020, these are the system requirements you’ll need to meet to run this application.

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
    Processor: 64-bit Intel-based processor (32-bit and ARM based systems are not supported. This includes Surface Pro X devices)
  • Dedicated Graphics Card (Preferred)
  • 8GB Ram (Preferred)
  • 100MB of available storage (Preferred)


Mmhmm Free

You can use mmhmm for free! This version of mmhmm comes with the slides, presentations, and recordings. Plus, as an added perk, you can use the Premium Tools for one hour each day! No additional cost.

Mmhmm Premium

For $8.33/month (annual) you can get unlimited access to the premium mmhmm features. This includes individual slide presets, customized rooms, and the presenter panel feature.

Mmhmm Business

Lastly, mmhmm has a business account for enterprise-level use. One of the best things about the price structure for mmhmm business is that you only pay for active users. At the end of the subscription period, you only pay per active user. Pricing is $100 per active user per year.

The greatest thing about mmhmm is that you can link it with your favorite application. Mmhmm works with Zoom and Google Meet. In addition, you can connect it to Microsoft Teams, Webex, Slack, and more!

Linking Mmhmm to your Video Conference Application

Use Mmhmm with Microsoft Teams

Make sure you have the mmhmm application running. While in a Microsoft Teams meeting, locate your camera options and select the mmhmm camera option! It’s really that simple.

Use Mmhmm with Zoom

Option 1: Use Mmhmm Camera (Recommended for daily use)

To use mmhmm with Zoom, you’ll need to first make sure you have the zoom and mmhmm software installed and open on your computer. You’ll want to make sure you open the mmhmm app before opening up Zoom.

Go to the Zoom application. From there, go to the camera settings in the bottom taskbar and choose “mmhmm Camera” as your video source. It’s that simple!

Option 2: Screen Share Mmhmm (For text-heavy presentations, better quality)

If you’re worried about picture quality or have lots of text to present, Zoom recommends you use the screen sharing function instead. To do so, use Zoom’s Share Screen function as you normally would. You’ll select the “mmhmm – SHARE THIS” screen and there you go!

A photo showing the Share Screen mmhmm option for optimized presentations. Photo courtesy of mmhmm

Use Mmhmm with Google Meet

Make sure you have the mmhmm application open on your computer. From there, fire up Google Meet. You’ll want to find the Google Meet video options and under settings select mmhmm as the camera setting.

It’s Time to Impress

Mmhmm’s virtual camera application is a comprehensive presentation tool that is sure to impress your colleagues and friends. We hope this guide will help you successfully link and utilize all of the great features available. Don’t forget that any virtual background tool works best when paired with a greenscreen. Let us know in the comments if you find mmhmm to be a useful tool or if you have any questions!


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