Webaround Partners with Lume Cube to Offer Lighting Solutions

Webaround continues to push the video conference and content tool industry forward by partnering with innovative lighting manufacturer, Lume Cube. As more and more individuals are moved to remote learning, work-from-home, and virtual meetings, the need for quality and affordable tools has never been greater. Lume Cube has created a suite of quality lighting kits that work seamlessly with the Webaround backdrops to provide a perfect light on the subject, while assisting in an even chroma key across the board.

“As the Video Conferencing & Self Broadcasting numbers continue to rise, we’re seeing a continued pairing of our Lume Cube lights with portable green screens. We’re excited to be working alongside Webaround to provide an end-to-end solution for the millions of people now transitioning to working and creating in a virtual environment” said Riley Stricklin, President of Lume Cube.

When asked about the partnership with Lume Cube, Linda Bovay, Owner and CEO of Webaround, said “We have had many customers asking us for a lighting solution. We wanted an affordable, simple solution to provide to them. The Lume Cube lighting kits fit this perfectly. Our partnership with Lume Cube will assist our customers in having a clearer, more professional video conference experience.”  


Lume Cube started as a Kickstarter Campaign in November of 2014. With a goal of $56,000, the campaign exceeded all expectations raising $229,000. After 12 months of development, they debuted their first iteration of the Lume Cube light in 2015. Within the first three years, the product has been distributed in over 35 countries, secured a home on the shelves of every Apple Store around the world, and has had over 100,000 customers in 70+ countries.

Lume Cube’s focus is on affordable, powerful, and minimal lighting solutions. Their kits are easily able to be mounted to monitors, tablets, laptops, cameras, drones, and almost any tripod available. The lights are small in form factor, but high in brightness, adjustment, and control.


Webaround began in the halls of a Detroit ICU by Linda Bovay. When a doctor’s video appeared on one of the medical robots in the hospital, Linda saw a messy and unprofessional background. She knew that there was a better solution. After countless iterations, samples, and ideas, Linda stumbled on the design that is known today. Within just a couple short years, Webaround has become a staple in video conferencing and content creation tools. They are used by huge Fortune 500 companies, sold worldwide, and operated right out of Michigan.

Webaround’s key product is their collapsible backdrop unit that attaches to the back of any chair. The Webaround comes in a multitude of colors and folds up nicely into the included storage bag in less than 5 seconds.


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