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Teachers: We want to hear from you!

Teachers: We want to hear from you!

At the beginning of April, Team Webaround was in Boston, MA for the ASCD 2018 Convention. This convention is a large gathering of schools, teachers, and product providers across the world, interested in advancing the way we use technology to expand and improve our education system. We were able to demo our product to thousands of teachers and schools, showing that as online courses grow, you can still improve your overall presentation and help with attentiveness while teaching online.



It was a wonderful time to get some feedback on how teachers and schools could use the Webaround in their courses and presentations. One of the individuals we spoke to is looking to create a daily video series of video announcements, with interactive components to keep students engaged.




While ASCD was a great way to learn more about the needs of our education professionals, so many amazing individuals weren’t able to attend. So we wanted to pass the question off to those teachers who couldn’t make it:


What are some unique ways that you could use your Webaround to improve the way you teach?

Comment down below here and we will pick 3 lucky winners and send you a Webaround, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Share this with your teacher friends and family members! We are excited to learn more!

7 thoughts on “Teachers: We want to hear from you!”

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    I’d use a Webaround to help keep distractions from happening in the background while I am teaching. It helps when I can have pertinent information on screen instead of a messy background!

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    Dina Dreistadt

    Webaround is the PERFECT tool for “flipping” the lessons! What better way to intro a unit in Egypt than having your teacher standing at the foot of the great pyramid?? Or how about using it to act out stories students have written? Maybe take a mathematical journey into temperature patterns while also producing a weather report?? The possibilities are ENDLESS with Webaround!!!

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    I was looking for a green screen solution for my station where I’m going to do some on screen digital art tutorials. This will be the perfect solution to keep the background in my “lrl” room from being a distraction.
    With many universities offering online courses, I want to keep ahead/be prepared when my classes are offered online.

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    Using the webaround would be able to help me to establish the appropriate demeanor when teaching. People think of online classes as being informal. This is not what I would want them to think especially since I am supposed to be preparing them for a legal career.

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    Wish you would bring back the $30 sale for The Big Shot, so many teachers will want to buy one but may not have the budget for it 😉

    1. Dan Leshock

      Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately the $30 sale was our old Version 1 of the Big Shot, which we sold out of. However, we are looking at running frequent sales throughout the year! Stay tuned!

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