Sounds and Filters for your Halloween TikTok Videos

Spooky season is upon us! People are creating and looking for entertaining Halloween videos around the web. These TikTok filters and sounds will help you take your Halloween content to the next level. Using these filters and sounds will help you rank better on the For You Page but don’t forget to also add the hashtag, #Halloween, to help the algorithm understand your content and promote it to more people.

People have watched more than a million Halloween-themed videos and it’s only early October. What are you waiting for? Start creating your spooky season content, explore the latest videos from hashtags to get inspiration, and watch your video counts go up! Here is a list of our recommended sounds and filters to use this Halloween on TikTok.

This is Halloween Sound

This trending Halloween sound – This is Halloween – is a classic spooky season sound. Use this sound to have your Halloween content displayed in the fyp シ of all Halloween lovers for high-level view counts. Top videos using this sound have over 500,000 likes!

Spooky SFX Makeup

Who has time to do a full face of Halloween makeup nowadays? That’s why this Spooky SFX Makeup is perfect for creators that are looking to make Halloween content but don’t have countless hours to execute scary looks. This filter is very realistic and will give you a variety of different Halloween-themed looks to choose from.

Autumn Aesthetic Filter

The new Autumn Aesthetic TikTok Filter helps get everything in the Halloween mood. By turning all green color orange, this filter can turn even the lushest environment into a fall paradise. Use this filter to help your background look like autumn, even if the leaves haven’t changed color yet.


NEW FILTER: AUTUMN AESTHETIC 🍂 featured: @PPGG @LLusion @Rachel Maksy #autumnaesthetic #tiktokfilter #spookyseason

♬ Teddy Bears Picnic – Henry Hall

Calling All the Monsters Sound

Calling All the Monsters is short, electric, and fun! Use this sound to make a short video on TikTok showing off your Halloween look. Your followers are sure to love this creative sound.

Ghostly Presence

Add a spooky element to your video with this Ghostly Presence TikTok Filter. Use this effect while adding the hashtag for Halloween to rack in more views.

Addams Family Theme Sound

This iconic Addams Family Theme Song Sound will get anyone in the Halloween mood. Many people are using this video to show off their costumes or decorations for this spooky season. Make a short video with this sound and you’re sure to get on the FYP.

Halloween Polaroids

The Halloween Polaroids Tiktok filter helps you make Halloween memes with ease. By taking a common idea, the polaroid, and adding Halloween face filters, you can now take polaroids that add Halloween make up effects to your video!


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