Video Conference Lighting Kit


  • Perfect lighting solution for virtual environments using a backdrop
  • Included suction cup base allows for mounting on the back of laptops and monitors
  • Adjustable Brightness for any environment
  • Perfect for video conferencing

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Adjustable & Mountable Lighting Solution Designed to Improve Video Conferencing, Live Streaming, Self-Broadcasting, and more.

The Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit will brighten up your next video conference and help you look your best. Compatible with both Laptops and Desktops, the Panel Mini LED light provides soft and professional illumination with fully adjustable controls. Lume Cube provides the best in webcam lighting in a compact form factor. The intuitive LCD screen will give you all the information you need, including variable color temperature and up to 14 hours’ worth of run time. The Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit works with any video conferencing software like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and more.

      • 5% – 100% Brightness Adjustability (in 5% increments) Bicolor Panel Mini LED Light
      • 3200k (warm / orange) – 5600k (cool / white) color adjustability
      • Intelligent LCD Display Screen showing settings and battery life
      • Run Time: up to 14 hours
      • Adjustable Dial for increasing / decreasing brightness and color
      • Max Brightness: 1050 LUX @ .5 meters
      • Rechargeable via USB-C
      • Dual 1⁄4” 20 Tripod Mounts (Bottom and Side)
      • Frosted lens for built-in diffusion
      • Removable additional white diffuser for softer light (included)
      • Suction Cup Mount for Laptop / Desktop mounting (included)
      • One (1) Lume Cube Panel Bi-Color LED Light
      • One (1) 6-foot USB-C Charging Cable
      • One (1) 6-foot USB-C Adapter Cable
      • One (1) Silicone White Softening Diffuser
      • One (1) Suction Cup Mount for Desktop or Laptop Mounting