The Best Games to Stream Right Now (April 2021)

Hey there creators! Welcome back to The Best Games to Stream Right Now for April 2021! This month, we are focusing on some games that you can play with a friend and a couple games that will get your chat interacting and engaging with you even more! All of them will help grow your community and that is always a plus! Take a look below!

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a cool new game from EA, where the focus is to work together with a friend to get through challenges and “repair the relationship” they used to have.

It Takes Two is unique because it implements a Friend Pass. The Friend Pass allows you to give access to the full game to a friend, for free! With the whole premise being about working together with another person, it makes a lot of sense that you can provide that to a friend. This is a great way to garner support on your channel. You can tie the Friend Pass to the person who chats the most, or maybe to the person who donates the most to a charity you are working with. Just make sure to play it together for the most fun!


Outriders is a unique third-person game that walks the line with the likes of Gears of War and Destiny. If you like the movement of Gears of War, mixed with the looter-shooter gameplay of Destiny, this game is perfect for you. The game just came out and is a great time to expand into a game like this, if your content follows a similar path.

Individuals love to watch player progression from the start, especially on a game where that character might be the creator’s main through DLC and expansion content. We recommend involving chat in the character customization or the class selection. Let them choose how it looks or behaves. You can even tie in Twitch Channel Points and create some Community Challenges to decide how the character is made. The possibilities are endless!

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Alright, this is a throwback, but hear us out! Pokémon, and more specifically the Pokémon Trading Card Game has has a huge resurgence as of late. It’s gotten so popular, that stores across the world are sold out with no ETA on when packs will be available for MSRP. If you are lucky enough to get some packs, this can be a huge advantage for you and your content.

People love to watch pack openings live because they can’t get their hands on them themselves. So if you can snag some Pokémon cards and have content that aligns with that, you can possibly garner a huge amount of people who will come for the main content, but stay for the card openings. Some creators start with some Pokémon video game content and then use sub and bit incentives to tie them to the packs. The more subs or bits, the more packs are opened!

Gaming is connecting so many people and communities together, in so many ways as of late. Playing games like It Takes Two allows you to reward your most active member and get them involved in your content on a level not many chatters get to. Opening Pokémon packs as incentives for subs or bits is a great way to garner additional support and provide some really cool return for the community watching, as cards are hard to get right now. Finally, playing looter shooters like Outriders lets your chat help create a character you’ll use for seasons of content to come.

If you have other games that you think should be on the list for this month, let us know in the comments down below! We might feature them on our next article!

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on creating and GLHF!


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