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PAX South + Webaround Gaming

PAX South + Webaround Gaming

Happy 2019 everyone! Last year, we got a TON of requests to do more shows so that you guys could try out the Webaround and hang out with our pretty amazing show crew. We heard you loud and clear! We are kicking 2019 off with a bang by attending PAX South in San Antonio, Texas! Our booth is #10625, but just look for the green circle, you’ll find us.

We have a ton of amazing things that we will be doing and we can’t wait to see you guys! Take a look down below at some sneak peeks of what’s happening at our booth this year!



Like we said, we heard you guys! We know that it is pretty crazy that you can get a professional green screen coverage with just a circle that attaches to your chair. Come see it work first hand! We will have a demo unit up and running with stock Open Broadcast Software so you can see how the unit functions with the program. While you are at it, get a round of Fortnite in! We will have our computer set up with mouse/keyboard and a controller so you can actually prove once and for all, that you are the next Ninja.



So you tried out the unit and obviously loved it. We know. But you don’t want to pay for shipping and then wait for us to ship the Webaround out to you. Don’t worry, young padawan, we got you covered! We are bringing units with us to sell at the show! Not only do you get the show special of $5 off the unit, but you also avoid the shipping cost. So essentially you are saving $15 on the unit and you get it immediately. Win/win in our book.

Also, if the savings weren’t enough, lucky purchasers will also be given a free Webaround Gaming Popsocket! Twofer? You know it!



It wouldn’t be a Webaround Gaming show without some giveaways! For this show, we wanted to kick your 2019 content creation off right with our friends, OPSEAT! We will be giving one lucky winner attending the show a Grandmaster Chair and a Webaround unit to take home! Game in comfort with an awesome chair and up that stream quality with a new green screen! Instructions to enter will be located at our booth.

Note that the winner must be present on the last day to take the units home. We will not be shipping either unit.



Of course, we are always looking to work with some of the coolest individuals in the industry (We are looking at you ???? ) . Our Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Dan, will be at the show to talk about the partner program and qualifications to get involved. Bring your business cards and let’s trade!

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