How do I use my Webaround?

1. Open the Webaround by pulling the coils apart. 2. Place on the back of a chair with the black strap fitting over the front of the chair. 3. Adjust the black strap as need to fit the chair back. 4. Pull the short or long colored front strap and attach to the black strap using the Velcro strip. 5. If the Webaround is tilting back, adjust the strap on the back/ bottom of the Webaround, this will pull the Webaround forward.

What should I expect when I receive my Webaround?

Your Webaround will be folded and inside of its Webaround carrying case wrapped in shipping plastic. Be careful when you open it for the first time; the high quality spring steel may open the Webaround with a bit more force than you are anticipating. It’s completely normal and a sign of quality.

What Colors do they come in?

All Webarounds come in grey and ocean blue.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes. Please call 248-779-9650 for quantity and pricing details.

Can I special order colors?

Yes. Most any color is available in quantities of 100 or more.