Webaround Was Made For YOU!

Meet the Webaround Users

Monica - Traveling Salesperson

Her Webaround is the 42” round. Convenience matters most to Monica, that’s why she keeps her Webaround in her luggage at all times. Since she doesn’t know what life will bring, the ability to create a professional environment at a moment’s notice is of paramount importance. That’s why her collapsible, portable Webaround is a must have. Whether she has to take a virtual call in her hotel room, airport coffee shop, or anywhere in between, her Webaround allows her to always be prepared.

Susie - Small Business Owner

Her Webaround is the 52” round. She has to look professional no matter the chaos going on in her home. Her Webaround suits her needs perfectly because it provides a crisp, clean, blue background no matter the situation. Built with quality in mind, Susie’s Webaround can handle years of abuse from her kids or pets. Working out of a home office, space is important. Being able to collapse her Webaround down to 20” in diameter when her meeting is over is a lifesaver.

Sam - Telemedicine Agent

His favorite Webaround is his 52” square Sam needs a HIPAA compliant webcam background for his video calls that can block out the wall of paperwork and personal information behind him in his cubicle. Working in a hectic office can be problematic for Sam, as well. His Webaround ensures that, no matter what is going on in the office around him, Sam never loses focus or looks unprofessional.

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