Customer Support

Folding instructions

Webaround Instructions

  • Open the Webaround by pulling the coils apart.
  • Place on the back of a chair with the black strap fitting over the front of the chair.
  • Adjust the black strap as needed to fit the chair back.
  • Pull the short or long colored front strap and attach to the black strap using the Velcro strip.
  • If the Webaround is tilting back, adjust the strap on the back/ bottom of the Webaround, this will pull the Webaround forward.

Closing the Webaround

  • Hold Webaround on opposite sides even with the black strap using an underhand grip.
  • Rest top of Webaround on the ground.
  • Slowly push down and, while doing so, bring your hands together with elbows out.
  • Allow the bottom of the Webaround to come up on the inside toward you.
  • Grab the bottom and bring it up to the rest of the Webaround.
  • The Webaround is now closed. Place in the provided bag for storage.

Cleaning the Webaround

  • Open the Webaround.
  • Using a damp cloth wipe the Webaround until clean.

Suggestions for the best web presence

  • Make sure your camera is at your eye level.
  • If using your laptop, you will need to raise it so the camera is at your eye level. Otherwise, the camera will view the ceiling and will be at an angle that does not promote a professional appearance.
  • Keep yourself no further than 36 inches away from your camera.

Removing Wrinkles from the Webaround

Using an Iron:

  • Open the Webaround.
  • Heat iron to medium heat/ Nylon setting.
  • Test the iron on the bottom edge of the Webaround to ensure the temperature is safe for the fabric.
  • Iron the colored portion of the Webaround on a flat surface, avoiding any logos and the black chair strap.

Using a steamer:

  • Open the Webaround.
  • Heat steamer.
  • Steam out wrinkles without touching the fabric.

My square Webaround doesn’t sit up straight

  • Webaround is made of spring steel so it wants to be a circle. Because of this, the square Webaround will have one corner tilted back. This is not noticeable to the viewer of the presentation.

My Webaround leans back too far and you can see the ceiling

  • Make adjustments with the front and back strap to straighten it. Since we have tried to make it fit most chairs, there are some necessary adjustments depending on the chair. We recommend using a spacer placed at the bottom back of the Webaround between the chair and the Webaround to tilt it forward.

Why does Webaround not cover the top corners of the frame?

  • Your webcam needs to be at eye level to best utilize Webaround. Try lowering your chair, using a taller monitor or using a higher table. Another option is to use a Webcam on top of your monitor.