Dan Leshock

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

During the day, Dan is the Marketing and Partnerships Director at Webaround Gaming. But at night, he is a pubstomping content creator whose desire to take the top spot in any game is looked at as a bit extreme. Seriously…it’s a little scary.

An industry veteran, Dan has helped leverage and create successful partnerships with companies like Major League Gaming, OpTic Gaming, Blizzard Entertainment, DreamHack, LogitechG, and many more. He’s made appearances on Newegg and CPU Magazine, along with attending industry shows throughout the year. 

In his spare time, Dan likes to rewatch The Office for the 500th time and hang out with his family.

Video Presence
Dan Leshock

Introducing: Webaround Gaming

Back in June, the Webaround team visited sunny Los Angeles for the yearly gaming convention, E3. While there, a thought formed about Webaround’s current markets

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